Live To Work Project - Black Tea Photography

All Images © Graham Berry/Black Tea Photography 2018

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Byron - Lords Barbering

I asked Byron for a brief outline of why he does what he does.
"I fell in to the hair industry when, at the age of 13, my mother opened her first salon in Blackpool, where I’m from. Back then there was still somewhat of a stigma attached to males in the industry; i.e. if you're doing it, you must be gay. I was asked to come and help out at my mum’s shop and by the end of my first shift knew that was my calling. I’ve been in the industry in many different forms, from men’s’ grooming, ladies’ hairdressing, teaching and indeed nail tech for almost 25 years, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It truly speaks to my creative side and the instant gratification when a costumer leaves the chair happy pays dividends."

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