Live To Work Project - Black Tea Photography

All Images © Graham Berry/Black Tea Photography 2018

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Chris Coulthard - Noise is for Heroes records

Right... From a young age music seemed like the most important thing in the world. Its always had a disproportionate influence in my life, possibly kept me dreaming of better things, and certainly helped distract, even deflect, from negative ones. It's just something in the background for many people, but there are a lot who've had that similar experience too. It's a form of emotional support, and almost a mirror of deeper concerns. Certainly takes your imagination beyond the end of your street.
With all that said, relating that to opening a used record store seems to be a real leap. But I find what I described above really common in people who have done something similar to me, not necessarily in music either. Beyond the fetish of vinyl (it's a sexy format, that's undeniable) it's being a supplier of music, especially older, sometimes neglected music, to a curious and grateful clientele that makes it all worthwhile. People get visably excited, joyous and passionate in my store. A lot of fine conversation to be had. I'm not sure I'd get that running a branch of greggs the bakers... To turn your passion into a job is a risky prospect. Everything you might despise about conventional employment will still be there to an extent. It's a financial risk, but I'd say start small and build up. You have to be self reliant and have a degree of flexibility. But, you can also regularly remind yourself of why you love what you do, and especially what the conventional alternative is.

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